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International moving is a bit different than relocating within country. Your stuff will have to go through customs for inspection. Delays are common. Often your property will need to be placed in its own special sealed shipping container.

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There may be additional moving storage costs depending upon circumstances. Not all companies are equipped to handle the lengthy process. The moving quotes you get should be from reputable businesses that have specific experience in international moving.

You need to be familiar with the process and have a professional guide you through the necessary steps involved. Most of what you personally need is the proper international moving certification. You must fill out this extra paperwork, or at least verify the information and sign it. These generally include declaration, load documentation, insurance and authentication. Companies that specialize in international moving know exactly what forms are needed and for which countries.

Your cargo container cannot be sealed without the approval of a customs agent. Typically this is done through availability and appointment. The company that you hire for international moving can vastly streamline the whole process and act as a personal representative for you. But you still need to verify the paperwork and receive a copy of everything. This will help you retrieve your property at the other end of the move.

Shipping your stuff overseas in not easy nor is it cheap. Realistic moving quotes are a priority. Some items are restricted and must be gotten rid of before you leave, to avoid having your load confiscated!

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