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Local Movers and Reducing Costs

Local movers are used to moving whole households - but charge for every stick! Stuff accumulated over the years may not be needed, and you should get rid of all your junk. Let the moving company take care of the items that you really want to keep. A smaller load for the moving service will make the move much more affordable.

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Since you should pick a moving company 4 to 6 weeks in advance, you will have plenty of time to go through all the drawers and closets. First sort out all the junk, then pack the things you want to keep for the new home yourself. You can give unnecessary items away to relatives and friends that can make better use of them. This will make you local movers bill much lower.

Enlisting family as your own 'personal' local movers in advance allows you to work through most of the heavy stuff that you no longer want. The motivation is that they haul away the goods in exchange. Getting a significant head start means less moving service needed and more cash in the bank.

Remove any obstructions and obstacles that might impede progress by the local movers you hire. If you have items in the attic take them down and place them in an easy access area. This will reduce extra labor charged by the moving company. Hauling light weight items yourself in a truck or car trunk reduces the cubic square footage that the local movers base rates on.

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