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I have heard great things about your company for a while and now that I require your services, I have really high expectations. Can you give me different moving companies USA that have great track records? Please include companies that are able to accommodate clients from Georgia to New York.

I don’t have a lot of items to move but most of them are large and require delicate handling. I want my different musical instruments to arrive in great condition without any scratches and damages. These instruments include a baby grand piano, 3 cellos, 1 harp, a trumpet, 1 saxophone, 2 violins and 2 drum sets. All these instruments will be used in music classes and need to arrive on time.

I will be moving in three to four weeks time so I really hope that you can provide the list immediately. Please indicate any added charges if you find any. Because, I don’t have a lot of funds as I have invested all of them on the instruments.

I would really appreciate any assistance from you because I am clueless about what goes on during moving and shipping. Thank you.

Country: United States

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