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I want to have a list of different moving companies Netherlands as soon as possible; can you provide this for me?

I need to move several most of my belongings from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Instanbul, Turkey in about 4 weeks. Apart from my clothes and other personal items, I also have 3 electric guitars, an antique rocking chair and bathroom vanity, dining table with chairs, multiple home appliances including a TV, fridge, oven among others, a king size bed and mattress, and several boxes containing china, books, DVDS and toys. I don’t know the exact number of items I want to be shipped and I don’t really have the energy to make a detailed list. So please include moving companies that would do all these for me especially the packing. I just want to relax and supervise them without doing any work. I am really busy with my business and don’t really have time for that.

Please email be only the best moving companies that could be trusted and do not charge too high. I really want everything to be ready within this week so provide a list immediately as soon as you can.

Country: Netherlands

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