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I will be leaving Sydney, Australia in two months for a work transfer in Auckland, New Zealand.

Will you be able to recommend good moving companies Australia? I hope your list would only contain companies that have great reputation and feedback from their customers. It is my first time to acquire the services of a mover so I am really hesitant and nervous about this move.

My personal belongings are not that many. I would only be shipping 2 BMX bikes, an electric guitar with speakers, 3D TV with Blu-Ray player and stand, oven, washer and dryer, vacuum cleaner, two seater leather couch, office chair, 2 office tables, and a dining table with 6 chairs.

I hope that you could email the list as soon as you can. I hope that the list would be detailed and comprehensive so I don’t have to call them myself for added information. Include the all rates, the estimated duration of the shipment, and other info that would help me decide among them.

I know that you only provide the best for your clients and I hope you would do the same for me. Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

Country: Australia

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