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My wife and I will be moving from Geraldton, Australia (along the West Coast) to Brisbane, Australia (along the Gold Coast) in February of 2013. We need to find a moving company that can help us with this move. Ideally we would like someone who can come in and pack for us, or at least help us to pack, transport everything, and then help us unpack everything.

We have been in the same house for over twenty years so there is a lot to go through! We have six bedroom sets to move, along with two dining room sets, patio furniture, four couches, everything in our kitchen such as mixers and dishes and utensils, and personal items like pictures and lamps and books. A lot of what we have to move is fragile as well, so please take that into consideration.

And even though we close on our new home on February 1st, if it makes more sense for the house to be in route when we close, then we can start the moving process the week prior. Please advise what you recommend. Thank you.

Country: Australia

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