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I am in need of pricing quotes for moving companies in Canada please. I will be moving from Toronto to Rosthern in the spring and need to move my whole house. I have a small two bedroom townhouse so it’s really not that much stuff, but nonetheless, I need it all to be moved with care. Of the items moved, all of it is fairly straight forward such as a bed, some side tables, an armoire, a dining room set, etc. A little out of the norm, and worth mentioning, is that I have a collection or model airplanes which will need to be packed and handled with great care.

If it effects the price much, I can pack them myself and you can pack everything else- just let me know which way works better. So included in your price quote, please give an estimate on how much time the packing would take and how long from pick up to delivery. Also let me know if you can unpack the items for me once it gets to my new house or if I have to do that. Thanks.

Country: Canada

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