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In January, I will be moving art studios from just outside Chiemsee, Germany to a small suburb of Berlin and need help doing so. I will have packed all the items needed to be moved, which will include about three dozen works of art, fresh canvases, a drafting board, wooden isle, painting supplies and office equipment.

Given the nature of the items, I would like to pull additional insurance for the pieces in the event of damage or destruction during the move. (Given that this is a fairly short move, I can't imagine that anything would be lost though.) Furthermore, I will require a full background check for all parties that will be on site, both for the pick up and delivery of said items so that I know who I am dealing with and there is no issue of trust.

Please submit at least four professional references and two personal references when submitting your price quote to be fully considered for this move as well as any information on any deposit you require and when you would like it. Thank you.

Country: Germany

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