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Moving companies for small businesses in the Netherlands

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Hi all! I represent Spring Up Engineering and we are a small engineering firm looking to expand. We are going to be moving our offices next month from Gent, Belgium to Amsterdam in the Netherlands and need to find some moving companies that can help us out.

Right now we only have seven employees total so there really is not all too much to move. We have eight desks, five filing cabinets, a conference table and about two dozen office chairs. These items will be the bulk of the move although we will also have various boxes filled with files, architectural renderings, computers and personal effects from all of our employees. We also have a large copier that will need to be moved which is by far the most valuable piece of all we have.

Again, we are a small business so cost is definitely a concern with us, so please keep that in mind while bidding. And seeing how the copier is so expensive, please include some insurance quotes for that particular item as well.

Company: Spring Up Engineering

Country: Netherlands

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