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My husband and I are going to be moving within New Zealand, from New Plymouth to Wellington, in January and need help doing so. We are open to rental trucks and us doing the loading and unloading of all of our things, but only if there is a significant savings in us having to deal with all that. Ideally we would like the moving company to handle all of our packing, the physical moving of our house to Wellington, and then the unpacking, so that we don;t have to deal with it.

We are in a six bedroom, five bath home at the moment if that gives you an indication of the amount of things we will need moved. The most notable items to be moved are a baby grand piano and several large scale pieces of art, all of which that will need be handled with extra care. Besides that, it should be all pretty routine items such as bedroom furnishings, living room furniture, a dining room set and kitchen items to name a few.

Country: New Zealand

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