International Air cargo to Belarus
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International Air cargo to Belarus

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My employer has assigned me with the responsibility of acquiring information about international air cargo to Belarus. We are shipping from our warehouse at Boise, Idaho, in the United States, so any information about shipping to Belarus should include how we should proceed from our location.

This shipment will be comprised of two pallets of materials. The total weight for this shipment is 338 pounds. A couple of the things we would like to know are how much will your shipping charges be for this shipment? And also when will you deliver these two pallets to our customer in Belarus? Of course, we will also like the time to review your standard shipping information. We would think this would include your payment terms, as well as your claims policy.

We have included a direct email address to this forum in order to expedite our receipt of your company's information. We will look forward to receiving it and we will respond to each company who provides it to us. Thank you for sending us this information.

Name: Becky Friedman

Company: Sanchez Company

Country: Belarus

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