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The offices of Benke Computer Consulting is going to opening a satellite office in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. We would like to gather some pricing quotes for a moving company to help us get settled. Our headquarters are still to remain in Doha, Qatar but some of the computer and office furnishings will need to be moved from there to the new facility in Abu Dhabi.

Additionally, we have some filing cabinets, new couches and office chairs that are going to be delivered to the new site. We would like to coordinate the arrival of the new furniture with the delivery of our items from headquarters and have the moving company we choose to assemble any pieces that require doing so. I can supply a specific list of the furniture that will require assembly if needed for the quote, but it should only be five or six pieces as all the rest should be arriving already put together. We will obviously be taking care of setting up the computers so no need to include that in your quotes.

Company: Benke Computer Consulting

Country: United Arab Emirates

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