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Hello there. I am Pedro Martinelli and I have a small textile warehouse in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico called Uniforms Abound. I have just made arrangement for a few outfitters in the continental United States to sell some of my wears and need to find a shipping company to use.

My garments will be heading to New York, New Jersey, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Nebraska, Washington State and California. As you can see, these areas are spread all over the country so I need to find a moving company that can handle all the various locations as opposed to dealing with many different vendors. My uniforms and possibly minor paperwork will be the only things I foresee shipping at this time.

When you send in your pricing structure, please include a complete list of where you ship to so that we may keep it on file. We do plan on expanding into other states quickly so the more area you cover, the better.

Company: Uniforms Abound

Country: United States

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