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Ground moving companies in Spain

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GVS Traders, Inc. is breaking into the construction market in Saragossa, Spain. We are still going to be keeping our headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal, so we need to find a moving company that can ground ship some of our equipment to the Saragossa area.

Most of the equipment that needs to be shipped will be heavy equipment such as bucket loaders, back hoes, steam rollers and heavy duty cranes. We will also need to send some spare parts to Spain for the equipment in case they break down. All of the spare parts will be fairly heavy to ship, but obviously not as heavy as the machinery itself. We are thinking we will need some big rigs to ship the heavy duty equipment but can send the spare parts through trucks or planes if that makes more sense.

Let us know what your shipping plans are for all of these items as well as a comparison between different measures.

Company: GVS Traders, Inc.

Country: Spain

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