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residential moving companies within Austria

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I would like to find some residential moving companies within Austria to help me and my roommate with a move. We are going to be moving from Feldkirchen in Kamten, Austria to Klagenfurt so the physical distance is not that far, but we do have quite a bit of stuff we need to get to the new place.

We are currently renting a three bedroom flat and are going to moving to a four bedroom single family home if that helps give you an idea of the amount of items. We have two complete bedroom sets to move (bed, dressers, nightstands and armors), as well as a dining room set (large table and eight chairs) and a living room set (two couches, a coffee table and two side tables). We have a few other larger pieces that we need moved like a large wooden hutch we store our china in and a buffet table. Besides these bigger items we will have quite a few boxes with household goods in them that will need to make the trek to the new place as well, although we can put some in our personal cars for the trip.

Country: Austria

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