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Recently I assisted my girlfriend who was working an internship in Lisbon Portugal with moving from her small flat to a larger house. In the process we struggled to find reliable moving companies and the web did not offer good advice or references.

I decided to design and setup a website for moving companies in Portugal. The idea is to compile a full list of companies in the different cities and towns. Each listing will include a one page 'site' if you will for the moving company, stating their services, approximate fees for say a standard two bedroom apartment. I would also like to include a few references for each company as well as a space for people who made use of the company to leave remarks and ratings. There will be a page also for interested parties to complete, listing there location and destination as well as belongings to get online quotes. This page will be forwarded to all relevant companies to bid.

Any interested moving companies in Portugal would be welcome to list for free; I will take a small percentage of accepted quotes. I believe this should make moving a lot easier for individuals in Portugal.

Company: Movers website

Country: Portugal

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