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We are seeking any moving companies in Russia who are able to move our family from Kiev, Ukraine, to Moscow, Russia. Our move should be a fairly simple move as we have but belongings to fit in a 2 bedroom apartment.

Our furnishings consist of one sofa, 2 living room chairs, a couple of end tables and coffee table plus some lamps. We do have one king-sized water bed that will need to be carefully packaged before moving. We also have several dishes many of which are antiques that have been passed on for many generations. These are priceless to our family and must be carefully padded and boxed.

My husband also has many tools in our garage as he is a mechanic by trade. His tool box alone is quite large and I imagine is also very heavy. This may require some extra care by the movers. Please email me right away with any information as to a qualified moving company that can move us back home to Russia.

Country: Russia

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