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Telemarketing companies in Belgium

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My company is preparing to launch a telemarketing campaign in various locations for the purpose of expanding our existing markets. Since one of our projected expansion areas is Belgium, I am here to establish contact with the various telemarketing companies in Belgium. I will ask that if your company can provide these services, that you email your company's information package that describes your services. Please also provide me with some background on your company as well.

In addition to the standard information that you will provide, please also include your response to my specific questions that I am posting here.

Who does the calling? Will your company's employees be providing the telemarketing services, or will you outsource any part of our telemarketing campaign? Do you write your own scripts? How long will it take you to setup a telemarketing campaign, and do you charge any setup fees? How many calls will your telemarketers make each day? If your system goes down, how can I be assured that it will be reinstated immediately? How many full-time technicians do you have working exclusively for you?

Name: Francesca Agresti

Company: Kanaan Enterprises

Country: Belgium

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