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I need to move from Athlone to Lisburn sometime next month. Therefore, my questions are addressed to any moving companies in Ireland who may be reading this.

I have a small apartment, two bedrooms and the typical furnishings and such. However, my primary problem will be in moving my large, sectional sofa. Although it is sectional and can be arranged quite readily within the room, the gentlemen who moved it into my apartment had quite the time in processing it through my front door. Will my sofa cause any problems for my move? My other belongings include my home office furniture such as a desk, 2 filing cabinets. I also have a large dining room hutch that was my great-grandmothers, so it is necessary to protect this item especially.

I will be boxing most of my property myself, so if you could send me some information about how to best pad and box my belongings, I would be grateful.

Country: Ireland

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