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I need to relocate from Kuwait to Makkah shortly, so I need information on moving companies in Saudi Arabia. Will one company be able to complete my move in its entirety, or must I contract a moving company here in Kuwait and then another once my belongings arrive in Saudi Arabia?

What is the best method for me to pack for my move? I am moving from a one-bedroom apartment so my belongings are rather meager. However, I do have many ornamental items, and some are quite fragile. What sort of padding will I need to pack these fragile items? Also, what sort of boxes do I require that will protect them? I prefer to do the packing myself, so I will appreciate any information you can provide on this subject.

If your company can complete the move for me, please include a quotation as to how much the move will cost. Also, can I purchase the padding and boxes from you, or must I acquire them from a different source? Thank you for your reply and I look forward to reading them.

Country: Saudi Arabia

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