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Are there any moving companies in Sweden that can help me move from Stockholm to Oslo? Due to a work transfer, I must move by this time next month. Therefore, I require information and pricing on padding, boxes, and the length of time it will take to complete this move.

We are moving from a 4-bedroom house and into a similar size home. Although we consider our furnishings fairly typical, there are some items that may require extra attention in packing. My wife has some family heirlooms that are quite valuable. Some of these are fragile and must be carefully packed before shipping. I estimate there to be about 4 boxes of these items. How is the best way to pack these fragile items? Does your company sell the padding that would protect them? Does your company also include boxes for the move?

As you can see, we have many questions about how to best move so any information you can provide would be helpful. Please also include your current pricing with your information. Thank you.

Country: Sweden

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