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Hi. My family is moving from Tokyo to Kyoto. We are looking to get some quotes from moving companies in Japan.

We have 1 double bed, a dresser, a wooden closet and 3 suitcases, a kitchen table, small dining room table and 2 chairs, living room glass cabinet, a sofa and 1 bookshelf, 1 large painting, 2 computer desks and 2 chairs, 1 filing cabinet, 2 small bookshelves, books etc.

I would also like to know what days you move. Do you also do pickups on Sundays? Do you have storage facilities in case there is a delay at my new location? What services do you offer at destination? Do the movers unpack everything? What kinds of guarantees do you offer? Regarding art work, do you have special arrangements?

We need to move out from our old apartment by the end of the month. Please contact us as soon as possible with a quote

Company: Wordsmiths

Country: Japan

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