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Are there any moving companies in Seychelles who can collect my property and move them from the port to my new home in Victoria, Seychelles? I plan to purchase most of my home furnishings once I am there. Therefore, I do not have the need to move that many things, but I do need to bring most of the items for my home office with me.

The items would already be packed as they are being shipped into Seychelles from Australia. So all your company would need to do is to pick up my items and move them to my home. If you can provide this service, you should be prepared to move 43 boxes of varying sizes and weights. Six of those boxes are about 4 ft tall so they are quite large. They are not very heavy, just bulky is all.

Oh, and when you reply to my inquiry, please send me a quotation of about how much this should cost. Also, how far in advance do you require notification of my arrival to Seychelles? I want everything to move as smoothly as possible. Thanks.

Country: Seychelles

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