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I need to move from Rome to Venice and I am requesting information from any of the moving companies in Italy who can help me with this. My time-frame to complete this move is sometime within the next 30 to 45 days, so I do have a little time to allow. But I would appreciate it if your company can reply promptly.

We will be moving from a rather modest villa just outside of Rome. We have the furnishings of 3 bedrooms. Included in these bedrooms are 1 king-sized bed, two full-sized beds, and the typical bedroom furnishings of dresser, chest, and a couple of tables from each bedroom. We also have a soft, a love seat, three chairs, and an assortment of tables from the living room. The dining set is a normal sized table with six chairs. We also estimate it will require several boxes so as to pack clothing, kitchen, and other items. Can your company provide the packing boxes, padding, and such?

Please when you contact me can you provide some cost and time estimates? We do appreciate your responding to our questions.

Country: Italy

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