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I urgently require quotations from several moving companies in Brazil. I am moving from Salvador to Brasilia in April and would like to fix dates and rates as soon as possible.

There is not a great deal of items to move as I live in a smallish two bedroom apartment. The item list contains my queen size bed with headboard and pedestals as well as two chests of drawers. I have a large solid wood desk and office chair with three large 1800 x 300 x 900 book shelves. There is two large sofas’ a TV stand with a 52 inch plasma TV and large sound system. I also have four Persian carpets and there should be about twelve normal sized moving boxes. From the kitchen there is a standard single door fridge and a washing machine.

I will pack up everything myself, but I do need the moving company to bubble wrap all the furniture for me.

Country: Brazil

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