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Furniture Moving companies in Finland

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Greetings. I must move some furniture from Tampere to Helsinki. Since I have never had to make this sort of move before, I post my questions here in hopes of receiving information from a company who has experience in this.

I must move 2 desks and a table. These are standard sized desks and table that adorn many offices. I'm guessing the desks are approximately 1219 mm x 609 mm. The table is small and can be carried by one person. Will these items need to be packed? Or would they simply require covering by some type of padding to protect them during the journey? If they require packing, does your company provide the necessary shipping materials? Do you know about how long it will take to move this furniture?

I appreciate your supplying me with my requested information. And if you would be so kind as to include some sort of cost estimate as well.

Country: Finland

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