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Office Moving companies in Israel

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My company requests the services of an office moving companies in Israel. We are required to relocate our office from Tel Aviv to Haifa at some point in the next few weeks. We figure the sooner we can obtain the information from companies who are capable of providing this service, the sooner we can make the preparations so our move will progress smoothly.

We have a small office that consists of only two smaller offices and one larger workspace area. We have the need to pack 7 computer workstations and various kinds of office equipment such as telephones, fax machines, and the like. We also have several items of furniture that are typical of most any office. These include computer desks, various kinds of chairs, and smaller tables.

Since we are moving several miles from our current location, we want to pack the computers, and other equipment so they will not be damaged during transit. Does your company provide packing services? Do you also provide the packing material and padding? Please, when you respond to my inquiry, provide an approximate quotation of how much this move will cost.

Company: Biotid

Country: Israel

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