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My company is planning to relocate its offices from Odense to Copenhagen sometime within the coming month. We have discussed making this move for sometime and we have finally decided that we should take the next step and begin our formal planning. This will, of course, be followed by the scheduling and implementation. Therefore, we request information from those office moving companies in Denmark that can assist us in making our move a success.

We have a mid-sized office that largely consists of a complex of cubicles that can be easily broken down for packing and moving. We also have office furniture for 4 smaller offices that include their own desks, tables, chairs, and filing cabinets. We do require packing material so as to pack our 23 computers. We will also have the need for many boxes to pack our smaller items as well. Does your company provide packing services? Does your company also provide packing material and padding?

Please contact us via our provided email address with your company's information, an estimate on cost, and your contact information so we may discuss our move with you. Thanks.

Company: Pontry

Country: Denmark

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