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Furniture Moving companies in Switzerland

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I have the need for information on furniture moving companies in Switzerland. I need to move a sofa, bedroom suite, and a couple of tables from Berne to Zurich next week and I have discovered I will need the help of some professionals as I am unable to do this myself.

The sofa is pretty typical for a sofa. It seats three people comfortably, and four people can sit on it and be pretty snug. The bedroom suite consists of a queen sized bed, a 4 ft long chest that stands only a couple of feet high, a dresser, and a couple of small tables. There are also two chairs in the bedroom suite as well. One of the tables I need to move is a dining room table that is approximately 8 ft in length by about 4 ft wide. There are also 6 chairs that will go with this table. The other table is just an end table that sits adjacent to the sofa. It can be carried by one person.

Can you provide me with an estimated cost for this move, and about how long it will take to complete it?

Country: Switzerland

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