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Furniture Moving companies in India

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I must move my dwelling from New Delhi to Mumbai. Therefore, I am here to request information on furniture moving companies in India. I have the furniture for a two bedroom apartment. This also includes living room furniture as well as kitchen and cookware items.

I also need several boxes. If your company provides packing supplies, I will need an estimated 22 boxes and enough material to pad about half of them. I do not have a sofa, but I do have a love seat and several small chairs that I must move. There are 7 small tables, a few lamps, and 3 room sized rugs. I also have a computer that must be packaged for moving, and a 32 inch television that will also require some care.

If possible, I would like to complete my move this month, so your fast reply will be greatly appreciated. Oh, and if you would be so kind as to include an estimate as to the overall cost of the move including the boxes and other items I have requested information about will be forever appreciated.

Country: India

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