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Furniture Moving companies in South Africa

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I am requesting information from furniture moving companies in South Africa. I have the need to move a few items of furniture from Johannesburg to Cape Town. This furniture needs to be moved right away, so the sooner you and I can exchange information, the sooner these items will be out of my house.

The furniture I need moved are antiques that I just sold to a gentleman in Cape Town. As part of the arrangement, I agreed to arrange the transfer of the furniture to its new owner. There is a small old wood stove, and 4 tables. The tables are fairly heavy and are maybe large enough to seat 6 or 7 people each. So they will require some room in your truck to move.

Have you got any idea when you could pick these items up and take them to Cape Town? When you send me your information please send me a rough idea of about how much this will cost to ship. Does your company provide the padding? Even though these are antique furniture items, I do not want them damaged en route. Thanks.

Country: South Africa

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