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Moving companies in Lithuania

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Boards Abroad is a home construction warehouse company that is going to be moving to Lithuania in the second quarter of the coming year. We are currently located in Smarhon, Belarus and our new location will be just over the border in Lithuania in Vilnius so the physical distance won;t be far for the move.

However, we do have quite a bit of product that needs to make the trek which is why we need to make sure which ever moving company we choose has the man power and equipment to make it happen. We have wood, drywall and plaster materials as well as construction tools like hammers, nails, nail guns, bolts and rivets, to name a few. We actually have hundreds of different items to be moved so the shear volume of this move is probably the biggest piece of this puzzle. I can supply any company looking to bid on this a complete list of all the items to be moved so that you can make an accurate price quote for the project. Thank you.

Company: Boards Abroad

Country: Lithuania

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