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My family and I are going to be moving from Mexico City to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico in February. Our house there is about to be finished (just waiting on the final inspections to happen to give us the green light to move in).

Our house is already sold in Mexico City and we have been staying in a small apartment for the past month while the new place is completed. Most of our belongings are already packed up and in a storage facility here in Mexico City ready to be moved. The apartment just has our personal belongings like clothes, toiletries and other odds and ends in it as we elected to rent the furniture here as opposed to having to move it twice in a row. We can pack these items so there is no need to have that feature included in the pricing quote you supply us. Please let us know your license number and some references for us to check when submitting your bids though. Thank you and we look forward to reviewing your bids!

Country: Mexico

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