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Good day. I am with Geller and Geller Partnership and we will be opening a new office in Riffa, Bahrain in March 2013. We are going to be keeping our current office in Hamala, Bahrain which is going to act as our headquarters moving forward.

We will need to move a few items from the office in Hamala such as desks, computers, filing cabinets and files. But we will be getting the bulk of the new office furnishings from an outlet store. We would like coordinate the delivery of these items with the delivery of the items moved from the office in Hamala so that the moving people on site can help put the furniture together (such as new office chairs or desks) and help to place them in the appropriate places in the new office. We will have some staff on hand to manage where things need to go and what need to be placed there so that it is in some sort of order.

Company: Geller and Geller Partnership

Country: Bahrain

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