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My family is moving from Kuwait City to Mishref. We are looking to get some quotes from moving companies in Kuwait.

Our household items include 1 double bed and a baby bed, a dresser, a wooden cabinet and 5 suitcases, toy boxes, kitchen, a kitchen table and microwave oven, small dining room table and 4 chairs, living room glass cabinet and a sofa, piano and 3 bookshelves, 2 computers with flat screens, 2 paintings, 2 computer desks and 2 chairs, 1 cabinet, 2 small bookshelves, books etc.

What days of the week will you be able to move our home? What time will you start? Will your movers be taking care of all packing and unpacking? Do we need to be present when you do the move? We are also buying new items for our new home. Can you arrange pickup? Do we need to make any arrangements? We are thinking of moving shortly, before Christmas. Can you send us the available dates until then?

Do you offer other moving services like concierge/mail forwarding?


Country: Kuwait

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