International Parcel delivery to Kuwait
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International Parcel delivery to Kuwait

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If there are any companies who read this post that offer international parcel delivery to Kuwait, then I would like for you to email me with you information about this service. A few things I would like information on include how much will it cost? What is the length of time my parcel will be in transit? Does the shipping cost include taxes, fees, customs duties, and so forth? Can you guarantee delivery by a certain time? How do I arrange for a pickup? Do you have a drop off location near to Hartford, Connecticut, in the United States?

If you include more information than what I have asked for here, then please go ahead and send it. I want all of the information I can obtain before I send this parcel. Also, what happens if my parcel is damaged during shipping? How will I know when my package has been delivered? Do you have a tracking method that I can use over the Internet? I really do appreciate your responding to my many questions. Thanks.

Country: Kuwait

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