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International Moving companies in China

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After an extended stay to attend university here in San Francisco, California, I am returning home to my native China. I have posted here in anticipation of acquiring the services of a reputable international moving companies in China who can complete my move once my belongings are delivered to the Chinese mainland. I have already arranged the movement of my property both here in the United States, as well as to ship them to China.

My property will arrive at Shanghai toward the middle of next month, so that is where I will request your company be available to complete my move to Beijing. How much will your company charge to complete this move? Yes, you will likely require more detailed information about how much furnishings, and other belongings you must move. I am happy to provide you with that information when we exchange more information via our email accounts. So please include your contact information when you respond to this initial request.

Also, how long do you estimate it will take for you to complete the delivery of my property once you have picked it up?

Country: China

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