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Hi there, I am looking for some information on how much it will cost to move my store from Pecs, Hungary to Sisak, Croatia in the beginning of the new year. I am the owner and operator of Frank Bennet Supply Company which handles bulk office supplies to small businesses or home offices mainly.

The bulk of what will need to be moved will be my warehouse of products. This includes things like reams of paper, packs of pens or pencils, markers and highlighters, envelopes of all sizes and printer ink to give you an idea. I also have a small back office that needs to be moved with a computer, printer, filing cabinet and a desk along with some boxes.

Please let me know any procedures I need to follow to get the stuff moved across country lines so I can get that process started as soon as possible. Thank you for helping me with this information and with the move!

Company: Frank Bennet Supply Company

Country: Croatia

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