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Residential Moving companies in Hungary

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Are there any residential moving companies in Hungary who are available to move my furnishings from Budapest to Pecs? I am preparing to move to a new job and I require the services of a professional mover who can accomplish this. The move must be completed by the end of next month, so I request you to email your information as soon as possible as I have already begun to pack my belongings. If your company can assist with the packing, that would be great as I have many boxes to fill.

I also have the furnishings of a three bedroom house, a den, living room, and kitchen. I would expect the furnishings to be well padded for the move, especially since I am moving quite a distance. How much do you charge for your packing services? If necessary, could you provide just the packing materials so I can complete the packing. What are your charges for moving my furnishings and belongings?

I have provided my email address, so I anticipate reading your information soon. Thanks for responding to my inquiry.

Country: Hungary

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