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Residential Moving companies in Qatar

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I am moving from Doha to Al Kohr next month so I am in search for information from residential moving companies in Qatar who can assist me with this move. I may also require your professional services for packing for this move as well. However, if all you can provide are the padding and other packing materials, I may be able to retain the packing services of a different company. Please advise as to how many services your company can provide.

My work calls me to a new location, which is why the move must be completed as soon as possible. I am moving from a 3 bedroom home that includes the furnishings that are typical with a home of this size. I do have many religious ornaments that must be packaged with due diligence. However, I may request that you simply provide the packing materials and I pack them myself. I may be more secure in my feelings about that.

Please provide me with a quotation for these services and a time for you to complete this move.

Country: Qatar

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