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Residential Moving companies in Romania

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Hello. I have the need to move my personal possessions and I post here to request information from residential moving companies in Romania who can complete my move. Please email your information to me within the next couple of weeks as I plan to complete this move by the end of next month.

I am moving from a mid-sized home, a 3 bedroom, so I will need the packing services included in this request. I estimate I will have the need for at least 40 or 50 boxes of varying sizes. Does your company provide these boxes, or must I get them from somewhere else? Also, does your company provide the padding and other packing materials that I will need to protect my belongings and furnishings?

I do have a standard sized pool table that will take up some space in your moving vehicle. Would there be an added charge for this? The table's legs do disassemble, so maybe that will lessen the amount of space it needs. Please email me with your shipping information to include how much this will cost, as well as about how long it will take for you to move me. Thanks.

Country: Romania

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