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Residential Moving companies in Slovakia

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I have the need to relocate from Brno, Czech Republic, to my native home in Zvolen, Slovakia. My post is to inquire for the services of a residential moving companies in Slovakia who can complete my move. I seek a moving company from Slovakia due to my expectation that it would make the trip easier for both of us. That way your company would not be required to make a return trip empty-handed. In my view this would be more efficient.

Those furnishings I need moving services are from a two bedroom apartment. So please expect the amount of furnishings to be typical of a dwelling of that size. I do have a rather large fish aquarium that must be handled with care, but I anticipate that item to be disassembled during the packing phase of this move. Provided it is packaged with care, it should not be a problem.

Please send me an email that includes the information on cost, delivery time, packing services, packing materials provided, and any other info that I may require the knowledge while arranging for this move. I appreciate your responses to my inquiry.

Country: Slovakia

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