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Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated because my company is moving next month! i own Computing Comps and will be moving from Rivne in the Ukraine to Kiev so the distance is not that great, but the equipment will be significant so I am sure that will impact the cost at least some what.

I do have most of the office packed already so that piece of this all is taken care of. I have about a dozen desks and coordinating chairs, telephones, computers and random office decor. The most note worthy part of the move is the three server racks that I have because they need to be done so in a very delicate manner. Specifically I need them moved in the middle of the night, as quickly as possible so that the down time for my clients is kept to a minimum. The rest of the office can be moved and set up before the servers are moved though if that helps with timing and the price that everything will cost.

Company: Computing Comps

Country: Ukraine

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