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I need help with a move please. I am going to be moving to Qatar from Bosnia-Herzegovina so am hoping to get an idea of what kind of money this will cost me to do so. I get the keys to my new apartment on January 15th and I need to be out of my place here by January 22nd so I do have that week to play around with as far as timing goes. I can be a bit flexible on when my stuff arrives to the new place if that helps too, but all in all, I would like it delivered as quickly as possible so that I not without my stuff too long.

I can have everything packed and ready to go but will need help with breaking a few furniture items down for the move, like my bed frame and the dining room table. I can leave both intake but assume that would cost me more because it will take up more space?? I don’t know if that’s true so please advise.

Country: Bosnia-Herzegovina

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