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I am the owner of a line of pizza parlors called Volcelli Pizza, most of which are in Serbia. I am going to be opening two new locations in Bulgaria, the first in Tirnovo and the second in Pleven. I need help with the move in for the new stores.

Most of the items to be moved are large pieces of equipment like the stoves, baking racks, industrial strength dish washer and other food industry items. We will have some supplies that need to be shipped too like the actual pizza boxes, flyers for advertising, and signs that go in the windows for example.

We are hoping to get into the new locations by the beginning of February so would like to have everything set up to have our grand opening at the end of that month. please let me know timing for the move that you are available so that I can properly schedule when the inspectors can come in to certify the new stores before we open as well as pull the proper permits.

Company: Volcelli Pizza

Country: Bulgaria

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