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I am being relocated within my company, Controlling the Calm Ltd, and need to scout out some moving companies please, leading me to find this site. I am currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina and will be heading to Santiago, Chile in January so theoretically the move isn't all that great.

With that in mind, please let me know the most affordable way to do this move. I only have a small two bedroom flat to move which I can pack myself if that will save the company money. They have given me a moving budget which I have to stay within otherwise I must pay the remainder out of pocket which I obviously do not want to do. But if I can find a moving company to come under the budget cap, then I get the remainder back as a bonus. you can see why I want to find the best possible price, right? I also need to go with a reputable company though so please do not apply for this move if you do not have a stellar track records because I will be checking up on you.

Company: Controlling the Calm Ltd

Country: Chile

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