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My company, Maine Cottage Home, is going to be moving to Elva, Estonia soon from our currently location just outside Valga in Latvia. We would like to have the new location up and running by March 1st so we are hoping to get the move handled by the beginning of February.

We have a good sized store currently but the new space will be larger somewhat. We sell home goods here so the move will be of our stock items. Examples of these items are couches, arm chairs, coffee tables, dressers and lamps, side boards and china cabinets. We also carry some accessories for decorating the home like throw pillows, decorative vases and boxes and even some small sculptures and pieces of art. These accessories will make up about one fifth of the bulk of the move if that helps you to put it in perspective.

Please advise on a cost for the move and any time schedules we need to know about so we can adjust out schedules accordingly. Thank you in advance for your help!

Company: Maine Cottage Home

Country: Estonia

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