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I require quotations from moving companies in Cyprus. In a couple of months I will be moving from Limassol to Paphos and would like to get all the information as well as costs now.

I currently stay in a three bedroom loft apartment, I have a lot of furniture that must be moved, and they are all expensive. Electronics: three large flat screen TV's with two sound systems and three decoders and DVD players. I have a large double door fridge and a small bar fridge, a washing machine and microwave. Bedroom furniture: one king sized bed and two queen sized beds all three with head boards and pedestals. There is two chest of drawers and two dressers as well as five large lamps. I have a large lounge sweet with a solid wood coffee table that is very big! There is also a great deal of patio furniture, including a dining table with eight chairs and six loungers. I estimate a total of 30 boxes sized 750 x 750 x 600. Please keep some space available for a few extra odds and ends.

I would like a full service package of packing and un-packing.

Country: Cyprus

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