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I seek the services of local moving companies in Hong Kong who can help me to move from central Hong Kong to just outside of the city. I want to be completely moved within the next month, so I would appreciate a prompt reply to my inquiry.

My home is a modest 2 bedroom dwelling that includes furnishings that are typical of this size home. You know, I have two bedroom suites, living room furniture, a kitchen table and other kitchen items. However, I do have many loose items that will require packing. Do you offer packing services? Or do you at the very least offer packing supplies, such as boxes, padding, tape and such? Please inform me of the cost of each of these services in your email.

Also, can you provide a quotation of how much you will charge me for this move? Do your moving services include a guarantee that my property will arrive at my new home in an undamaged condition? Thank you for responding to my many questions.

Country: Hong Kong

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