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Call centres in Denmark

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Hello. I am here to request information from a company who may have experience in moving call centres in Denmark. To put this quite simply, we have run out of space in our current location here in Copenhagen. We consider this as a good thing because it is a sign that our small company is growing. We have located a new office space on the other side of the city, but we will require the services of professionals in order for this move to be completed quickly and efficiently. Which is why I am posting here.

In order for you to be in a position to provide us with a more accurate quotation, we think it will be best if we speak with you. Therefore, we request that you submit your direct contact information with any information you send. With your contact information, please include any necessary information that we can review before we speak with you. This will assist us in being more efficient in our conversation with you in that we will only be asking questions of which the answers are unknown. We appreciate your time in responding to our inquiry.

Company: Erstuiche

Country: Denmark

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