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Residential Moving companies in Iceland

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I want to move from London, United Kingdom (UK) to Iceland so I am posting here to ask if there are any residential moving companies in Iceland that can complete my move to Reykjavik. My move will begin next month, and I hope to have it completed soon thereafter. If your company can do this, then please email me soon. Although I do have some time to prepare for this move I would still like to have the arrangements in place much sooner.

Since I will be taking most of my current possessions, I will need quite a lot of boxes and packaging supplies. If your company can provide either service that will be great. However, my primary need from a residential moving company in Iceland is in collecting my belongings from the inbound shipping facilities and moving them to my new home. How much will you charge me to do that? Also, how long will it take you to complete this move once you have picked up my shipment from the cargo area?

Thanks for sending me your info.

Country: Iceland

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