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Residential Moving companies in Indonesia

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I plan to move from one town to the other and I am need of information from residential moving companies in Indonesia that can complete this move. My move will begin from Kalumpang, and complete at Ujung Pandang, Indonesia. When can your company be available to complete this move? Can you complete this move by the middle of next month? If not, then can you complete it by the end of next month which is my outermost limit of needing to have this move completed.

My dwelling is a basic one bedroom apartment and its typical furnishings, so I do not have anything that is extravagant. However, I will require an estimated 20 boxes and any necessary packing material. Does your company provide those items? If not, can you recommend a company where I can obtain them? Please include in your email reply an estimate on how much you will charge for this move. Thanks.

Country: Indonesia

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