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My company has the need to relocate some of its equipment from one of our facilities to another. However, we lack the available resources (trucks, forklifts, etc.) to do this. Are there any commercial moving companies in Panama who have the resources to move this equipment for us? The equipment we need moved is equipment that is used to manufacture aircraft parts. This equipment consists of floor drills, metal fabricating machines such as tube benders, and so forth. So this equipment is quite heavy.

If your company can provide this commercial moving service, then please send us information about your company's services as soon as possible. We need to have this equipment relocated before the end of next month. This is due to a new order that will go to our manufacturing processes soon thereafter. I am sure that you understand our predicament. Please include your current pricing as to how much this move will cost. Although I am certain we will have the need to discuss this in greater detail either over the telephone and / or in person. So please include your direct contact info as well.


Company: Pontry

Country: Panama

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