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Household Moving companies in Turkey

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Thank you kindly for receiving my inquiry about household moving companies in Turkey. This will be a great help to me as I plan to move to Ankara, Turkey, within the coming two months.

I must go where my work takes me, and this time it is taking me to Ankara. I am moving from Aydin, Turkey, so I will ask if you can move my possessions from there. I work long hours, so I must ask if your company provides packing services? This will be a significant factor in my decision of which moving company to choose to complete this move. Can you also inform me of how much you charge for this service? Can you also guarantee your work in that my possessions will arrive at my new home in an undamaged condition?

Do you have an estimate as to how long it will take your company to complete this move? I can receive your information at the email address I have included here. Thank you again for providing me with this information.

Country: Turkey

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